A listening session is a structured event or meeting designed to provide a platform for individuals or groups to express their thoughts, concerns, and ideas on a specific topic. The primary purpose of a listening session is for organizers or decision-makers to actively listen and gather input from participants without immediate responses or interruptions.

During a listening session, participants are given the opportunity to share their perspectives, experiences, and recommendations related to the topic at hand. This can be done through verbal statements, written comments, or other forms of communication. The focus is on creating a safe and inclusive environment where participants feel comfortable sharing their viewpoints.

Black man holds his hand to his ear as if he is listeningListening sessions are used in various contexts, including community engagement, public policy development, organizational decision-making, and gathering feedback on specific initiatives or programs. The goal is to gather diverse opinions and gain a deeper understanding of the concerns and needs of the individuals or groups involved. The insights gathered during a listening session can inform future actions, policies, or initiatives.