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This toolkit is designed to help educators and family engagement professionals reflect on your current communication practices. Our goal is to provide inspiration and concrete tools that will enhance the important work you are already doing. We recommend that you explore these sections sequentially the first time through this toolkit. At the top of each page, you will find icons guiding you through the topics in this toolkit, beginning with “Listen” and ending with “Plan.”


Icons for "listen" "welcome" "include" "craft" and "plan"

Within each topic and section, you will find

     ✏️ An activity to help you develop your own communication plan 

    ?An idea bank you can draw from to identify strategies you can apply in your work

     ?️ Tools  including translated templates, printable tip sheets, and further reading

This toolkit was developed through a partnership between the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Massachusetts Statewide Family Engagement Center, a program of the Federation for Children with Special Needs. It draws on insights shared by families, educators, family engagement specialists, and partner agencies.

We would love your feedback on the tool. You can access our feedback form through this link.