MASFEC Partner English for New Bostonians has developed a new curriculum for teachers of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

This resource contains worksheets and activities to help adult students master the technologies used for online learning. As explained in the introduction to the curriculum:

It is important to note that Online Learning and Technology Literacy require whole sets of skills that most students have to acquire if they haven’t used an online learning platform before. These skills need to be identified as necessary skills in order to complete an online learning course.

Remote Teaching Format: Basics of Online Technology Skills for Adult ESOL Students

Topics include:

  • Remote Learning Skills Assessment
  • Zoom
  • Gmail
  • Chromebooks
  • Google Classroom

Along with the curriculum itself, you can find tips and recommendations for apps and websites that make online teaching easier and more effective. While focused on the needs of adult ESOLs and their teachers, this guidance may be useful to educators and family engagement practitioners who work with other ages and groups, as well.