In the wake of the events of January 6th, 2021, many of our educators, families, and children will struggle in the coming weeks. As adults search for the right words to discuss the times in which we are living, we hope these resources will be helpful. 

Talking about Violence

Talking about Racism

Dr. Alyssa Hadley-Dunn, Associate Professor of Teacher Education at Michigan State University offers tips and resources in this must-read blog post: Resources for Teachers on the Days after the Attack on the U.S. Capitol. She writes, “There is no one easy answer. Not everything works for every student or every teacher or in every classroom.” Her post also includes important notes for Black teachers, White teachers, and teachers of children of color. She reminds us that these events are not unexpected when considered in context:

…do not be the teachers/people who are “surprised” by what is happening. Do not let your students be the students/people who are surprised by what is happening. Contextualize this within a historical lens of whiteness, white supremacy, settler colonialism.

Additional resources for talking about race and racism: