NewsFCSN and MASFEC are excited to celebrate the outstanding efforts of MA public school districts prioritizing family engagement. Many districts spent time during the summer break to plan for authentic partnerships with families. This summer, we worked with two districts to strengthen family engagement in their communities.

gym with tables of adults working together

Lynn Public Schools’ school leaders at summer professional development

In Lynn Public Schools, leaders from across the district gathered on June 26 and 27 for two days of immersive learning and collaborative planning, emphasizing families’ vital role in supporting student success. Over 200 educators attended workshops on the MA Framework for Family Engagement, helping newcomer families navigate the education system, cultural brokering, and trauma. Aceriane Leal, Rosalie Rippey, and Cambria Russell from FCSN, Olga Lopez from DESE, and others facilitated workshops.

Rosalie and Aceriane smiling with a blue gym wall behind them

Rosalie and Aceriane at Lynn Public Schools Family Engagement workshop

After speaking to Lynn educators, Aceriane Leal, Manager of FCSN’s School Finder Project, expressed her excitement, stating, “LPS is centering immigrant families, aiming to partner with and learn from them.” At the end of the two-day event, each school team integrated family engagement into their school improvement plans, taking an important step toward nurturing collaborative partnerships with families. Cambria Russell, Director of FCSN’s MA Statewide Family Engagement Center, expressed her appreciation for the participants’ immediate focus on the practical implementation of ideas, as professional development opportunities often lack time for processing and planning.  This district-wide dedication to collaborative partnerships demonstrates Lynn Public Schools’ belief that student success is a community effort.

On August 10, FCSN staff members Leslie Leslie, Heidi Harris, and Cambria Russell joined Lowell Public Schools district leaders for a day dedicated to family engagement. The workshop centered around the Massachusetts Family Engagement Framework, serving as a reference point for educators seeking to enhance family engagement and student success. The training kicked off with an exploration of the framework, a roadmap designed to guide educators and other professionals in cultivating meaningful partnerships with families and communities. As the training progressed, participants turned their attention to Lowell’s existing initiatives aligned with the framework’s elements and planning for further implementation. These leaders will bring training on the framework to other staff across the district.

Lynn Public Schools and Lowell Public School district leaders are committed to culturally sustaining family engagement. Their efforts highlight the importance of collaborative partnerships between educators and families, ultimately contributing to student success. FCSN is proud to have been part of these efforts and looks forward to following the accomplishments of these school communities as the districts continue to focus on authentically partnering with families.

Leslie, Heidi, and Cambria standing in front of a mural outside Lowell Public Schools District Administration building.

Leslie, Heidi, and Cambria standing in front of a mural outside the Lowell Public Schools District Administration building.