Welcome to the Massachusetts Statewide Family Engagement Center (MASFEC)!  MASFEC strengthens the capacity of educators, families, and other supporters of children to collaborate for the well being and achievement of children in Massachusetts. When all partners – family, education, health, safety, and child development – work together, children win.

Who are we?

MASFEC works with an Advisory Council made up of families and family engagement specialists who work in our communities. The Advisory Council informs all of our work, and members are co-creators of our programming. We meet regularly as a group and members also participate in our various committees. If you are interested in joining our Advisory Council, contact Danielle Hardin at dhardin@fcsn.org.

FCSN is the lead agency for the Center. We have amazing partners you will read more about in future posts. For now, please check out our websites:


5 hearts arranged to create a white star with the text Federation for Children with Special Needs    




What do we do?

We provide high-impact family engagement strategies, programming, and information to build partnerships among family, school, and community. This includes identifying and addressing family engagement needs in our communities, running workshops for families and for educators, sharing resources related to family engagement, and providing technical assistance.

Where do we do this work?

We work across the state in schools, school districts, and communities. If you want to know what we are doing in your area, reach out via sfecma@fcsn.org.

How do we build capacity for family engagement? 

In the coming months, we will highlight each of our partners, and the work they do with MASFEC to support capacity strengthening.

Look out for our next post: What is Family Engagement?


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Cambria Dodd Russell is the Director of the Massachusetts Statewide Family Engagement Center. She has been a special education teacher, a teacher educator, an education professor, and a school board member. Her experience with family engagement is both professional and personal as she is the parent of two middle schoolers. She holds a Ph.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University, and frequently holds two small dogs during her many Zoom calls.