A hand with a heartI bet you’ve heard of family literacy, but have you heard of family math? It’s all about incorporating math concepts and interactions into the everyday activities families do with their children. Research shows that having math conversations in our everyday lives improves outcomes in school and beyond. Try some of these ideas to increase the math in your life! If you want to learn more about Family Math, check out NAFSCE’s Center for Family Math.

Math in the Great Outdoors:
Take advantage of your outdoor spaces to play with math. Measure distances, count objects, or look for patterns in nature. You’ll be surprised at how much math you can find outside!

Single father playing dominoes with his daughterGames and Puzzles:
Turn math into a game by playing math-related board games or solving puzzles together. Monopoly, Yahtzee!, Cribbage, Sudoku, Mancala, card games, and dice games all require math. It’s a fun way to practice math skills while having a great time as a family.


Math in Everyday Life:
Look for math in your daily activities, like cooking, shopping, or managing your finances. Let your children read recipes, measure ingredients, or compare prices at the store. Look for practical ways to apply math skills and learn while doing everyday tasks.

Math Reading Adventures: screen shot of the cover of the picture book "The Shape of Home"
Explore math through books that make numbers and patterns come alive. We have a great list of picture books to start math conversations. For older children, read math-related stories or biographies of famous mathematicians. Discuss the concepts together and see how they relate to your own lives.

Lead by Example:
Show your enthusiasm for math and let your children see that you enjoy math. Share how you use math in your daily life and encourage other family members to do the same.

Family math is a wonderful adventure that can strengthen your math skills, boost your confidence, and make math a part of your everyday life. By incorporating family math into your day, you can have fun together, explore new concepts, and create lasting memories. So, embrace the magic of family math and unlock a world of numerical wonders with your loved ones.