Within the Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan, $123 billion in funding will support K-12 education – including specific opportunities to tap into the power of family engagement to promote educational equity. MASFEC is committed to providing leadership and support to school districts seeking to develop system-wide COVID-19 recovery approaches that center equity by engaging deeply with diverse families.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated the positive impact of family engagement:

“Engagement strengthens families by connecting them with community resources and new social networks. It helps schools by improving teacher satisfaction, school climate, and school performance. And it strengthens communities by forging stronger connections between families, schools, and communities, and helps to create more engaged citizens.” (Frameworks Institute)

Regardless of income or background, students whose families feel welcomed to engage in the ways that are feasible and meaningful for them, are more likely to attend school, have higher performance and better social skills, general mental health and wellness, graduate from high school and are college and/or career ready. (Henderson & Mapp)

To be successful, equity-driven family engagement efforts must follow a dual capacity-building approach, with professional development programs for both educators and families. They must also create opportunities for meaningful partnership and voice among educators, families and young people. 

Interested school, district, and family engagement leaders can learn more about the role of family engagement in the American Rescue Plan from resources developed by our national partners, NAFSCE.  More specifically, download their summary of ways school districts can tap into funding and support these efforts.

With our parent agency, the Federation for Children with Special Needs, we stand at the ready to assist local communities in developing and implementing equity-driven family engagement plans as a crucial strategy for recovery. We will announce more details of the planning and professional development support available to districts and communities from MASFEC and FCSN.

If you would like to begin work sooner – please reach out. We’re eager to start this new phase of our work together.