yellow megaphone with the word One of MASFEC’s initiatives is the Family Institute for Student Success (FISS), a program run by PIQE in collaboration with DESE and school districts. The program has been running in New Bedford since 2019. In that time, 168 families have graduated from FISS. New Bedford recently hosted two FISS graduations. The highlights are on the New Bedford Public Schools website under: Pacheco Graduation and Hathaway Graduation. We are very proud of these families who completed a nine-week program to gain knowledge of the school systems and advocacy skills!


Esther Zami, FISS parent graduate stated, “When I first heard about the FISS program, I felt like my prayers had been answered. I did not know much about it but I was willing to learn and participate in anything that would help me in my children’s educational journey. This program has educated me about different policies, testing, success and the road to college. But most importantly, how I can actively participate NOW in my children’s success and assist them in achieving their best. Since I didn’t really know anyone here besides my aunt and uncle, I felt estranged. However, for the short time I participated in the FISS program, I felt like I was part of a new family. This program gave me a sense of belonging.”


Brenda Rivera, a FISS parent graduate at Pacheco said in her graduation speech, “Through the program, we have learned to communicate better and maintain a constant line of communication with the teachers, guide our children and be able to help them. To my children, I graduated for you! You have been with me from beginning to end. My support continues until college and beyond”