Drawings of individual families of diverse structures, ages, and activities.

This course has now been completed for 2023. NAFSCE logo National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement

NAFSCE‘s Reframing Academy will teach you how to change the way people think about family engagement. This intensive seminar offers research-backed communication strategies that build awareness and support for support for equity-driven and coordinated family engagement.

About This Program

The Massachusetts Reframing Academy will take place through four interactive virtual sessions, ten online training modules, and completion of a course journal. Each module breaks down specific problems that stand in the way of communicating effectively about family engagement. Through discussion and independent reflection, participants learn and practice research-backed communication strategies that solve those problems and change the way people think about family engagement.

In the first session, participants will receive the course access code, learning journal, and information about how the course materials were developed. Each of the remaining sessions will be spent
discussing the Academy content in an organized and meaningful way. Between sessions, participants will independently complete modules and then bring their ideas and questions to the next virtual session.

Content covered in this course will help participants communicate more effectively about family engagement, building understanding and support for their efforts.

Learn more about the Reframing initiative at famengage.org