Are you struggling to find activities for your child this summer? We know it can be difficult to navigate the changing guidelines and opportunities for the summer. Here are some steps you can take to find the right fit for your family.  Good luck!Tools and Resources

Check with your school district
Many districts have a summer section of their website where information about district programming is explained. Here are just a few examples: Boston, Lowell, Somerville

Email your child’s teachers for ideas!
Your teachers know your child’s interests and strengths. They could have great ideas.

Check with your city’s recreation department
City recreation centers frequently offer low-cost summer programming.

Check with your healthcare provider
Pediatricians and other health care providers may have advice on activities you can do at home with your child or on appropriate camps for them. If you find a wonderful program for your child, don’t forget to let your child’s healthcare provider know so they can share the information with other families.

Web listings and camp guides
Some up-to-date camp listings for the Boston area can be found here. 
Our parent organization, FCSN, has a fantastic guide of summer offerings for children with disabilities here.

Are you looking for activities to do at home?
For young children, check out our literacy calendars our posts from Mathu with books and fun activities.
There are also some great ideas here, here, and here.