If you are reading this, chances are you are already convinced that family engagement is a powerful catalyst for any number of positive outcomes for children and communities. It is also likely that you often feel frustrated trying to persuade others of this vital fact.

The three-day Massachusetts Frameworks Institute offered concrete strategies for generating buy-in and investment in family engagement. Over 150 Massachusetts professionals from diverse roles touching on family engagement participated in this session, organized by the National Association for Family, School and Community Engagement and the Frameworks Institute. 

As noted in their joint report:

Authentic and effective family, school, and community engagement is about so much more than back-to-school night. It’s more than communicating with parents when there’s a problem with their child. It is even more than simply caring for a student, their well-being, and their success.

Yet, according to research conducted by the FrameWorks Institute, the public largely thinks of family and community engagement in exactly those ways.

The Institute explored the pitfalls of these ideas, offering alternative messaging that is more likely to result in changed behavior among audiences. Participants explored their own communications around family engagement, building messaging aimed at building community-wide collaboration and partnerships between families, schools and community. 

Toolkits and guides based in the research explored at the institute can be found here:

Massachusetts family engagement professionals may request copies of the presentations and slides by emailing with your name, organization website and location where you work.