Toolbox graphic labeled Career and Technical Education outreach toolkitFamilies report that their schools and community-based networks are their most important sources of information about education and schools. Please help build awareness and understanding of Career and Technical Education as an option for language-diverse families by sharing the resources listed below.

Web Resources

Comprehensive information for families is available at the following link: Career and Technical Education – What Students and Families Need To Know

  • Use the blue button at top right of this page to change languages.
  • You can also toggle between the English version and versions in other languages in order to copy and paste translated explanations and terminology for your own publications.
  • Short link for this website:

Printable Hand-Out

Some families report that they prefer printed information that they can take with them. This is particularly true for recent immigrants and other community members who may have originally come from a community that lacked access to affordable and reliable technology. Providing translated, physical/paper resources increases the accessibility of your information.

Printed resources should use ample images and family-friendly language and should not be too long. This is why the PDF version of our “What Families Need to Know” is less comprehensive than our online information. Our goal is to answer the most frequently-asked questions and areas of confusion.

Download “Career and Technical Education: What Students and Families Need to Know” (PDF):  Chinese  |  English  | Haitian Creole | PortugueseSpanish  | Vietnamese

Downloading or Customizing Printed Resources

These printed designs listed above were created in a free online design app called Canva. You may download a commercial printing-quality file by clicking on the Canva link, below. Or, you may customize the files to include your own program images, logo, web address, or other contact information.

Please note that the PDFs linked above are ADA-compliant. If you redesign and/or download PDFs at a higher resolution, you will need to make them 508 compliant before posting on any websites.

Click here to view the 2-Pager design files in Canva

Instructions for customizing the 2-pager:

  1. Set up your own free Canva account (if you do not already have one)
  2. Make a copy of the design file to save to your files.
  3. From there, you can upload your own logo or add images from your own school or organizational context.
  4. If you would like to change which programs are featured, you can find translations of specific Chapter 74 or non-Chapter 74 programs as well as other CTE program types such as Innovation Pathways on our translation glossary page.
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